Saturday, August 22, 2009

DIY Alexander McQueen bag take 1

So I've been putting this off for days.... Let me tell you it's a task on it's own. Monday I decided that I wanted to create a Alexander McQueen look alike bag. DIY AMcQB was one inspiration that I related too. So after a long strenuous day at work I decide to hit up the local spots... aka thrifting and sales at the mall. I must get an inexpensive bag for my first try, I'm afraid I might murder the hell out of the poor innocent bag.

Potential victims:

Regardless, I cannot find a bag to my liking... :( So I shall work on my ongoing conquest: The shredded shirt, which seems to be going along quite nicely! I will post pics when I have completed them! :) Going to get the black shirts today!!!!


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