Saturday, August 22, 2009

Elizabeth and James Fall 2009

Elizabeth and James, swoon... Not only does it come from the Modern Fashion Icon MKO and AO but the photog Roderick Angle is amazing! It's a perfect compliment for the fall line. High Contrast && Dark/Grainy is a great way express these photos. I'm loving it! Not to mention these scrumptious shoes that would look perfect with skinnies and a billowy black top.

Loving the different postures between the 2 models, gives each of them a sense of character!

High Contrast && Railroads get me every-time! :) and those blue shoes great statement piece!

I heart you E & J.

Great line available at Saks and various high end boutiques in NYC. I'm actually going shopping today too see if I can recreate a one sleeve shirt I found on their website! I can't find a pic at the moment... it's hiding from me.

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