Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Otis & Maclain

So if there is one thing constantly stocked in my closet it's a perfect fitting jersey dress. When you live on the beach nothing is sexier! Thats how I came about the label Otis & Maclain. I got the pleasure of chatting with Andrea and Shamani from Otis & Maclain. Check out the interview as well as a few of my favorite pieces! Well to be honest I love them all! ESP the striped Boyfriend Tee! uhhhmazing! Enjoy.

What was the first design/piece that you made for your company?  Senorita Dress

What is one key item you have in your closet?  Shamani:  Vintage lace up Alaia boots,  Andrea:  Collection of vintage Cartier love bracelets 

If you could pick a decade and relive it which one would it be?  Shamani:  60's,  Andrea:  90's as an adult

What's your favorite look from that specific decade?  Shamani:  Groupie,  Andrea:  Grunge/90210

Who is your current Band obsession?  Shamani:  The XX  Andrea:  Yeah Yeah Yeahs

If you could move anywhere in the world right now where would it be and why?  Shamani:  My mom's cabin on the river in Marblemount, Washington.  Andrea:  Happy where I am.

*WSF Crush Alert!

Current favorite celebrity/model?  Shamani & Andrea:  Karl Lagerfeld

Current favorite model?  Shamani:  Abbey Lee,  Andrea:  Kate Moss

*Photo Cred: Otis & Maclain


  1. thnks for your comment! i love the look of big baggy tops

  2. I adore this collection!! Love the interview too!

  3. These are so cute. Want it all now!
    xxoo Josie

  4. Totes diggin' the striped maxi!

  5. Beautiful pictures!

  6. I love the scnd picture, this is so nice.

  7. Love these. thanks for sharing. x

  8. I absolutely love your outfit in the second photo, where is your top from its gorgeous? xxx

  9. I am also in love with the second photo! and what is this long dress?? thx for introducing the brand to me ;)

  10. love love love love these photos!!!


  11. love the looks. awesome interview too :)