Monday, April 26, 2010

Statement Necklaces & My new project!

I'm so sorry I have been lagging on  my posts... but A LOT has happened this weekend. First, I am now the Tampa Fashion News Examiner for! Yay for a new project, click here to check it out. :) Second, it's my birthday tomorrow, so all weekend I was on a shopping trip with my mom and my grandmother! Got some killer white Hudson skinnies! 

Regardless, here is what I'm obsessing over right now!!!! Apparently I am not wanting to turn 25, and am wanting to stay a kid, all my necklaces are Disney themed!  I would love to wear any one of these for my birthday, Especially the last one!


  1. ooo! i saw these on polyvore! i love them, especially the first one! i believe it's alice in wonderland themed!


  2. I love the first one -- the idea of throwing on a tangle of chains is very appealing right now! And congratulations on your new project; it looks great! Happy birthday, doll!
    xxoo Josie

  3. Wow! I love the first one :) BTW thanks for the award!


  4. i love the idea of a statement necklace but i never think i can pull it off!

    happy early birthday!

  5. those are so sooo amazing! and YAY for the white skinny hudsons...perfect for the summer!

    Happy birthday! xox Vicky
    Bikinis & Passports

  6. I love Tom necklace, in red pasion.

  7. Oh my! Love all the necklaces :D And happy B-day <3

  8. No 1 and No 4 - they would transform any outfit in a super glamorous one!