Monday, June 7, 2010

Case of the Mondays: Being Office Chic

I have decided that Monday's should be themed as well as (Wedge) Wednesdays! Since I am always trying to accommodate my summer wardrobe to fit my work style I decided to blog about office fashion. It's something I really have not seen much of, but would like to see more often. From now on 'Case of the Monday's' will be dedicated to being fabulous and professional. 

My one rule is that I will not conform to the black pants and button down shirt outfit no matter how desperate I get. I feel that fashion does not have to suffer just because you're going to the office.

So I'm kicking off the office chic series with Pencil Skirts. They are a staple in my office wardrobe! My favorites are my patterned skirts and also my tangerine Pencil skirt from J.Crew. It's all about mix-matching and color. Here are a few outfits for inspiration! 


  1. You do an amazing job styling. I am always a little over dressed meaning looking too old when I try office chic but these look great!!! Love them.

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  3. Middle Outfit: Shirt- Japanese brand.

    Skirt- Ann Taylor

    Shoes- Karen Miller:

    I will update tonight with all the brands included, for some reason it goofed on my computer!!


  4. Love the red pumps and the ruffled navy top

  5. I couldn't agree with you more. Getting dressed up for the office should be done more. Like a great quote once stated, dress for the job you want, not the for the job you have. . ..well unless you aspire to become a stripper that is. hahaha

  6. Your picks are always so beautiful, my dear! I am also a HUGE fan of pencil skirts!
    xxoo Josie

  7. love this - ideas for the office are always needed!

  8. Oh geez - I just came back to check my comments here - I am SO sorry that posted three times. I was having some issues with blogger that particular day - I promise, I was not trying to hijack your post!!!
    Dorkly Yours,