Thursday, June 3, 2010

Pretty Pretty Princess

“I love that whole princess mentality, but I also like throwing my hair in a ponytail and just wearing jeans, going on a hike and then eating a big chili-cheeseburger.”

Today I am feeling like a princess. :) It might have to do with accomplishing day 2 of my 5k training, which I was skeptical I could complete! Or maybe it's that I got a promotion! I wish everyone a fabulous day and to treat yourself to something nice today whether it be a mani/pedi or that $5 drink you love from Starbucks! 


  1. CONGRATS Alicia! That's awesome on the promo and you deserve a Princess Day! Have a good one!

    xx Vivian @

  2. Congratulations, love! You absolutely deserve that promotion I'm sure, and if I finished a second day of training for ANYTHING, I'd be having a princess day as well. Enjoy, my dear! (And gorgeous photo as well!)
    xxoo Josie

  3. Yay!! You are a total princess!! Fabulous in every way!

  4. Hey girl! COngrats on the promotion! This post makes me happy! I love the quote at the top :) I feel that way a lot, ha! xx

  5. congratulations! love this photograph! very tempted to go treat myself haha :)