Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Awake my soul

Lately I have found myself playing Mumford and Sons at high volumes and harmonizing around the house. At first when I heard the band M&S I was reluctant to accept them, mainly because they have a sound so similar to the Avett Brothers, and the Avett Brothers hold a place in my heart that can never be replaced! After a few songs popped up on my shuffle, I decided to give them the benefit of the doubt. Needless to say 55 minutes later I had a favorite song and a CD that I am unable to stop playing! I swear give me a band with a fiddle and a loud bass drum and I'm in!I am not going to lie, I am taken aback by the lyrics that literally stop me in my tracks. Their orchestrated sound and the scratchy voice of the lead singer is a collaboration done so perfectly. This is almost as serious as when I went through my Manchester Orchestra obsession. Be afraid.
Fav songs: White Blank Page, Awake my soul

Now that I'm done musically venting... I have a very important question!
 I need to do something with my hair, should I go dark or light??!?!!?!

I'm pulling towards darker...

Also I bought new shoes... are you surprised? 

I got them on sale, hardcore sale:
My new J.Simps that are so tall I almost hit my head on the fan. ha
LOVE! <3


  1. beautiful hair and shoes! Go dark for fall!

  2. Dark!!! It looks great!

  3. I might be the odd one out, but I love you blonde. Either way, you're gorgeous.

  4. Dark! And your shoes are Amazing as always (:


  5. I think the dark hair really compliments your skin tone. You look gorgeous either way, but I vote dark for fall!

  6. LOVE your new shoes. I think you look so cute with both hair shades, but I do love going dark for fall!
    xo Josie

  7. I say go dark for fall (but you look beautiful both ways!!!). Also lovin the shoes;-)

  8. I would go for blonde, honestly. but dark suits you too ;)


  9. Blonde, blonde, blonde, blonde, blonde. You are beautiful either way, but blonde makes you shine! Love the shoes!

  10. BLONDE! You look great! OR WAY dark. Middle of the road dark is boring.

  11. Cute new shoes girly! And at first glance, I really like how you pull off the blonde so well, but it looks good both ways!

  12. Those shoes are sick! (in a good way ;) )
    I vote dark for fall.
    And I'm so lame that even though I've heard over and over about Mumford & Sons, I've never actually listened to them. Guess I should add it to my to do list and try not to be so lame in the future.

  13. You look great both ways as the other ladies have said, but definitely Dark for Fall. LOOOOVE the shoes.

  14. OMG i don't know ANYONE else who likes M&S!! my fave song is little lion man.

    you might like jon and roy, here is a you tube vid http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WdXO8bZC63E the second song boon elm is my fave.

    haircolour question, you look good with both colours, darker is always easier for fall. maybe you could do a bit of a darker brown for a more dramatic change?