Friday, September 10, 2010

Sassy Dresses

Confession, I was looking at wedding blogs when i found this designer. Justification, Our friends Becka & Nate of Studio 222 made me see the beauty in the creation of weddings and they capture it in a phenomenal way! (plus they are getting married soon!!!!!) and that is why I was roaming around wedding blogs. swear. 

Anyways, So after several link clicks later I ended up on a wedding dress designer's website, Kate Towers. I swear to you I spent HOURS on this site not only admiring the dress designs but the photography as well. Dating a talented photographer will do that to you! (E's site)

Here are the images not to mention my future wedding dress! 
It's like Anthropologie and Rodate had a baby that grew up and got married, and I'm totally inviting myself to the reception.
...and my future wedding dress!
OMG no joke, look at that dress it makes my heart hurt! But only if the top half looks just like this but white, thanks Ashley Olsen!

Wishing everyone a lovely Friday! 


  1. ohhh those dresses are gorgeous!!! I love the muted colors and all those ruffles

  2. Wow those are fabulous!! :)


  3. wedding talk? fave sister in kalamazoo deserves a phone call ASAP!

    ps, honestly love the pics ;)

  4. I do love wedding dresses! These photos are gorgeous and that last one is to die for!
    xo Josie

  5. Gorgeous dresses! The wedding dress reminds me a little of mine (from the bottom half I can see). I have so much catching up to do Alicia! I feel like I haven't seen your posts on my blogger dashboard recently. Have a great weekend and hope this wedding talk is a premonition!

    xx Vivian @