Monday, September 27, 2010

Strange Times

SO, I have had this shirt for about 3 months, and still have not worn it! So today I decided it's time, it is time to wear the BCBG shirt that has sitting in my closet for months! I really need to make more of an effort to wear some of the things I never wear in my closet! 

it's a really cute shirt and I never ever wear it! It's a light nude rose color and it actually makes me look tan! Also, Mind the messy bun I have yet to do anything with my mop of hair! Maybe next week I will chop some inches ( and by some I mean like 2) and throw some dark in there!

Well the countdown is on, it's officially 10 days until my last day of work!!!
Then that night E and I are off on a 24 hour road-trip.


  1. I love that pretty!! The color looks great on you!


  2. I love that shirt sooo much! The sleeves and colour are amazing!

  3. The sleeves on that shirt are so fun! You should definitely make an effort to wear this top more often, I like it!

  4. Oh, this top is adorable and looks so cute on you!
    xo Josie

  5. Pretty pretty sleeves!

    xx Vivian @

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  7. It's really pretty blouse, love the detail of the hollow sleeve, and the color is wonderful, will follow a trend for quite some time, I love nude!
    About the hair, is always good to innovate, even if it is a discrete innovation, how to cut a few inches! Beautiful hairstyle, I think very practical coke.
    Kisses, Alicia, I will always be around, you're lovely.


    É realmente linda a blusa,adorei o detalhe vazado da manga,e a cor é maravilhosa ,irá seguir tendência por um bom tempo ainda,eu amo nude!
    Sobre o cabelo,é sempre bom inovar,nem que seja uma inovação discreta,como cortar alguns centímetros!Lindo penteado,acho muito prático o coque.
    Beijos,Alícia,passarei sempre por aqui,você é encantadora.