Thursday, December 30, 2010

Week in pictures

I am so very sorry of the lack of posts! However, I did mange to move everything out of the beach house, clean the beach house and still manage to eat & sleep within 3 days. Now because of the stress and the inability to sit down and relax, I am fighting a cold. This is no bueno because it's Royal Oak's first NYE downtown, on the corner of my street. I'm talking ball dropping and the Gin Blossoms. HA 90's flashback? I think so.

Well here is a recap of this week in pictures:

Christmas Day Dress by Manoush

Mom's Dog little Maxie


Christmas Brunch

Beach House Pre-deconstruction

Me and 1/2 of Zoey diving home from the airport

The New Apartment, not including the stuff from the Beach House

Dad's Dog Zoey!

I hope you all have a safe and wonderful NYE. At this rate I feel as though I will be spending my NYE sipping Chicken Noodle Soup versus Champagne!


  1. your christmas dress is so pretty Alicia! i'm a sucker for green, it always seems to complement everyone. have a lovely and happy new year!

  2. love love love the pics! :) Wishing you a Happy New Year!

  3. Your Christmas Brunch looks amazing, I feel like I'm looking at a design magazine!


  4. that brunch is making me so hungry! Happy New Year!

  5. your xmas dress is lovely. hope you're feeling better and 2011 get to be an amazing one :)

  6. I love that green dress, dear -- gorgeous!
    xo Josie