Sunday, February 13, 2011

Winter Fashion

Got these images via e-mail from Refinery29 and HAD to share them. These are two of my favorite winter outfit year to date! :)

After seeing this image I am tempted to break out my J.Crew White skirt and rock it with boots! I need to push my creativity a little more, shame on me for wearing pants today!

This outfit as well, I love the shoes! To me it's really all about the shoes, well pretty much everything is all about the SHOES, lets be honest! The simplicity really has me going!


  1. LOVE that first all white outfit!!

  2. Love the second look -- she looks so warm AND chic! Not an easy feat.
    xo Josie

  3. haha yes it is always about the shoes! shoes can make the most incredible impact to an outfit. learning that more and more every day. love both of these outfits you have posted. especially the first one - just gorgeous! x

  4. What gorgeous outfits. The second one is way more "me," but would love to get the courage to rock the first!