Friday, March 25, 2011

10 Things for Spring

Here in norhternland spring has yet to sprung? lol No but really, Spring is not here yet, we just turned the heat up in the house. It's starting to get depressing. So in light of the cold, I am sharing my items I intend to aquire beofre and or during spring!

Here are 10 things that I need for spring:

Things for spring
spring part2
1. White flowy dress to dress up or down; 2.Neon Blue dress pants! :) ; 3. Leopard Clutch; 4.Black face Watch; 5. Red Hunter Wellies for all those rainy days; 6. Striped Dress; 7.Cat-eye Sunnies; 8.Neon Skirt; 9.Neon Boat Bag; 10.Dark Blue Sneakers

Click here and here for the specifics on each item.


  1. I love those bright blue pants! I also have bright coloured dress pants on my spring wish list!

    Natasha ~ Required2BeInspired

  2. I adore the bright Hunters! So pretty.
    xo Josie

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  4. Ooooh that yellow skirt is adorable:-)

  5. Lovely picks! Hopefully it gets warm soon. :)


  6. Love everything! so perfect for spring!

    Classy and Fabulous

  7. Those neon blue pants are amazing! Thank you for the inspiration.