Thursday, July 21, 2011

Roscoe & Remy

Well today we decided to go pick up our kittens. Here is a sneak peak, but expect many more pics because they are so darn cute I can't stop taking pics!

We decided on a boy and a girl: 

Roscoe (boy)

and Remy (the girl)

They are probably the cutest things ever, and have fallen asleep on my lap twice belly up since I have been home from work!

Today, the boys (E & Roscoe) took a quick nap while Remy and I explored the dishwasher.  

This is going to be such a fun adventure and I can't wait!!!!!!


  1. Oh my goodness! This makes me want to have a kitten. So adorable.

  2. How cute! Love the names :)


  3. So cute! We have a Remy (I named him) in our fam too. Hubs would love a kitten but I'm so allergic.

    xx Vivian @

  4. Ooooh! So sweet!
    xo Josie