Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Wedge Wednesday & Sunflowers

Successfully finished my final last night, stayed up way past my bedtime trying to finish the darn thing. It's defiantly a sugar free red bull kind of day! Also, I am on week 4 of 5k training! I'm starting to feel semi-accomplished, improving my speed and my distance! Now I just need to find a 5k to run. 

Saw these awesome turquoise wedges and just had to share!
 Happy Wedge Wednesday!

annnnddd.... Some sunflowers because they make me happy!  (or these might actually be black eyed Susan's) either way enjoy the day!

P.S. Revenge returns tonight! So excited. 


  1. Oh my goodness I am wanting those wedges! Also I've never been a big sunflower person, but that pic is making me want to plant some sunflowers in my backyard!
    *gasps* I did not know Revenge started back up tonight! Thank you for keeping me informed! I'm addicted to that show! :)

    ~ Elle @ Barefoot and Beautiful

  2. LOVE Sunflowers.

    What is your training schedule for the 5k? I am doing one in June and would love some more structure around my "training"