Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Corporate America: Office Chic

Yesterday I received a phone call from someone who was interested in having me interview with a company here in Austin. I found this very flattering and quite unexpected since I dedicated this entire month to quite time and family (aka I'm pretty sure I got head hunted). I always push myself to become my own boss and do my own thing... but there's something quite compelling about working for an international multi-billion dollar company that I can never refuse. Maybe it's my father coming out in me... or maybe it's a underlying need for power. Needless to say, today's post is dedicated to the conservative corporate workers out there. Damn, I love me a well designed tailored dress. Here are my favorite picks for those of you immersed in corporate America.

Here are 6 basic rule's I've picked up along the way:
  • Don't show the girls, you want you job based on your intellect not your cup size
  • Use the High School Rule: No more than 3 inches above the knee... (substitution black tights, used tastefully and in moderation)
  •  Shoulder's should be predominately covered (plus a chic blazer is always in style)
  • Keep the open toed shoes to a minimum, except if they are peep toe slingbacks, strappy shoes = bad
  • Use color moderately i.e. one item at a time... you don't want to walk into work looking like Katy Perry after a concert tour, if you want to be sassy get a structured brightly colored bag or some cute shoes
  • If you are questioning the shortness or tackiness of something... your instincts are always right, put something else on

Corporate America: Office Chic

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